This led to one of the most intense arguments our group has ever had.

Dearest Mother: I am about to embark on a great adventure. I have learned that Tom Chaney has fled into the wild and I shall assist the authorities in pursuit. You know that Papa would want me to be firm in the right as he always was, so do not fear on my account. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. The author of all things watches over me. And I have a fine horse. Kiss little Frankie for me and pinch Violet’s cheek. My Papa’s death will soon be avenged. I am off for the Choctaw Nation.

Top 10 Favorite TV Couples: #06. Marshall & Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

"There are a million reasons why I love you. The main reason is you’re my best friend, Lily. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had." "The main reason I love you, Marshall Eriksen, is you make me happy. You make me happy all the time."

Chloë Moretz photoshoot outtakes for Marie Claire magazine

  1. person: i love game of thrones!
  2. me: oh awesome me too
  3. person: i hate sansa though she's so stu-
  4. me: bye
What I desperately need is the motivation of Elle Woods.

Maybe I am a total bitch, did you ever think about that?

She hated him! Nah, she didn’t.


get to know me -  [1/5] tv shows: My Mad Fat Diary

“You can spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you. You have to start by not rejecting yourself. You don’t deserve it.”


(on female celebrities who don’t consider themselves feminists) “I don’t think they really understood what feminism is. It’s a right. Feminism, to me, is standing up for everything someone else has already done for you. Women have overcome so many boundaries. My mom has overcome so much in her life. She makes me want to stand up for myself. Stand up to the studio heads who try to tell me that I can’t have blonde hair; they want brown hair. Or I need bigger boobs, or I need to work out. Or I’m too skinny, so, like, ‘Eat a cheeseburger.’ I stand up for myself every day of my life. I grew up in a family of four boys. I’m, like, a born feminist. I’ve been a feminist since I was four years old.”

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